“We love starting from scratch, like instinctive kids, back designing real life at sea”


“Design any kind of boat, no holds barred, so long as it’s the best of its kind”


That’s the philosophy that has been and will continue to underpin the work of young Genoese Stefano Pastrovich, a rising star who has been working in motor and sailing yacht design, building and styling for more then a decade now. Pastrovich’s career started with a prestigious collaboration at the Martin Francis Design Studio where he was involved in the design of MY 57m SenseS. During the construction of MY SenseS, he met Kush Yachts founder Claus Kush who commissioned him to design and develop the enormous MY 104 m LGB, Le Grand Bleu. In 2000, Pastrovich was appointed Chief Designer at the Wally style office where he worked on developing the styling of the Wallypowers.

“At that time, we designed and then built at the Intermarine yard which constructed military vessels. We developed a unique synergic relationship with the yard that allowed us to produce the highly unusual 118’ Wallypower”.

In 2005, Pastrovich decided to open his own design studio. However, he continues to work on the styling of Wally’s powerboats to this day. He has, in fact, designed the entire Wallypower range, the 47’, 64’, 73’, 118’ and the last launched 55’ Wallypower. When asked if he prefers designing motor to sailing yachts, Stefano Pastrovich answers without a second’s hesitation:

“I have no favourites. Sailing-wise though, I’ve designed the Sly Fun 42’ and customised the Shipman 63’ and 72’. In that area, the synergy between design and performance is definitely more important. With motoryachts you have to think more about quality of life aboard and making sure the spaces are man-sized”.

In 2006, PerAquum, which owns ultra-luxurious resorts and spas in the world’s most beautiful locations, commissioned Pastrovich to design a resort-yacht, a MY 54m with six suites and a spa. In 2008, Pastrovich designed a preliminary project for MY 77.4 m Khozam Refit, the re-conversion of a tug-yacht into a private yacht. He has developed and customized the General Arrangement in order to satisfy all client requests.

“Form and function have to go hand in hand. You go by function but gradually as the project takes shape you have to give it a raison d’etre”.

In 2008 Pastrovich has oversee the refit of MY 73 m Falkor, commissioned from Schmidt Ocean Institute.

“The latter are scientific research vessels. Custom is where the big challenge lies. You have to start from scratch with a unique style every time and redouble your efforts to produce something excellent. But, of course, the satisfaction you get out of it is directly proportional to the effort you put in”.

In 2010-2011 came a new and exciting challenge, the first (in 2012 there was another one) refit of the 50m shadow vessel Mystere.

“Exterior and Interior design joined togheter becoming one single force. The owner’s briefing was clear and intense just as the ideas expressed with no difficulty”

In 2011 was unveiled to the industry the 99m X-Vintage Concept Design developed for Fincantieri shipyard.

In 2012, the same owner of Mystere shadow vessel involved Pastrovich in the 42m Life Saga refit too. That same year, the company unveiled the futuristic concept 150m Sveti, a project that combine in a superyacht the nicest features of the worlds most luxurious resorts.

In 2013, another refit project has been carried out from Pastrovich office, the 32m ZULU refit.

June 2013 marks an important turning point for Stefano Pastrovich and his company: he decided to move the company in Monaco, the epicenter of the yachting industry.

By this time the company grows and develops pursuing major new construction projects (by now, 2014, there are two 72 meters yacht in construction)  and launching several new Concept Design who are marking as it was at the time for the Wally Power range  the future of the industry: X R-Evolution (from 50m to 90m), X-Kid Stuff (from 70m to 90m), X-Alien (from 40m to 80m) to name a few.


In Pastrovich we Always had a particular philosophy that strays beyond the boundaries of our workplace. It is focused around sport, dedicated to our physical and mental welfare. This is not an obligation or an imposition, but a free choice for each member  of the team, aimed at finding this result: “feel good to live well”. For this reason, when we decided that we wanted to try to see things from a different point of view, we decided that, surely, this new attitude was to be with sport at its epicentre.

In 2014, each traditional “Vessel Class” has been reinterpreted and revised in order to adapt it to the field of sport that best represents it. At Pastrovich we now speak a new  language made up of… Backpacker Vessel, Freeride Vessel, Dressage and Parkour Vessel. Four different sport fields, each with its own distinctive qualities and strengths.


To take care of the Project from the beginning of the relation with the Client until the end of the construction phase. With the assistance of 3Dimensional software he involves the Client in the exterior designing of the Yacht right from the start, in order to satisfy the Owner’s desires and the construction needs. The software, which is capable to generate Virtual rendering, represents the perfect means to simulate the reality through virtual photos and also makes it easy to introduce design changes according to the Client’s requests. The exterior design is developed together with the Interior General Arrangement in order to reach the perfect coherence between interior and exterior. During his experience, I found out that the only way to obtain the right product that corresponds to the first idea of the project, is to be involved in the Shipyard construction. At this scope I design the entire exterior Details in coherence with the shipyard construction technique, thus ensuring the final result which corresponds to the Images shown to the Client. The Shipyard supervision during the construction is then essential to resolve all the possible problems raising in the building process.

“The link between design and construction is my way to ensure the promised result to the yacht Owner.”


In the preliminary project I design the main layout and define the general concept and style of the Yacht. The Profile is the main indication to study the aesthetics and the General Arrangement and it is the best way to explore the different options for owner social areas, guest areas and discrete crew access to owner’s space.

“Simple shapes are my driving force, which finds therein the essence of the elegance of my projects… my own design philosophy… a philosophy of few words surrounded by simple lines”.

I don’t want to identify myself with any “present styles” and it would be wrong to design a hull or the interior of a wheel house on the basis of personal preferences or by following contemporary fashion styles.

“I look at the project starting from the needs”

This is the backbone of my projects, which uses building details as the link between the latest technology and aesthetics.

“Because nowadays details are what makes the difference”

It is the quality of the realization of an object that makes it better in respect to others. A global vision of the project and of its targets becomes an essential aspect of the work as from the very first lines. With this approach I reduce the risk of having to rethink components at the last minute, and the shipyard having to patch things up during construction, as is often the case in the building of super yachts. An in depth effort of co-ordination work is one of the focusing points of projects undertaken.

Stefano Pastrovich