101m 64pax

Exterior / Interior Concept Design: Pastrovich Studio


Designed by PASTROVICH STUDIO, the 101 meters X-PERIENCE is based on the reconversion of a Platform Supply Vessel. She is a combination of an high technology naval platform with a contemporary Architecture.

THE SARDINIAN film series, a new era of filmmaking

THE SARDINIAN it’s an epically colossal feature film series (franchise) unlike anything else produced to date, and it has a blockbuster’s mega-budget to match. Featuring an untold tally of celebrities participations, combines Ketch Rossi’s lifelong interests & passions in absurdly entertaining plots set in his breathtakingly beautiful native Italian island of Sardinia & fabulous locations on the Mediterranean coast lines. In a story that might seem as if 007, John Wick, 50 Shades.. & Fast n’ Furious where generously sprinkled with a Victoria Secret Show and put in a temporal blender.

But THE SARDINIAN it’s entirely of is own making. Filled with extravagantly action rich and adventurously sexy scenarios that unfold trough heart pounding masterfully crafted set of circumstances taking place in a sensationally glamorous world with-in a world beyond the reach of mere mortals. Featuring a Sardinian Man of impeccable and insatiable taste for the finest things in life, and like most Italians, he’s appreciative of Women, good food and exotic cars. Except he’s not like most Italians. He is an extravagant James Bond-esque – John Wick type spy & killer, which makes him especially appreciative of one thing above all others … GUNS.

To everyone’s eyes THE SARDINIAN, is seen as an ultra rich Oceanist on a mission, and a passionate filmmaker that enjoys creating amazing content for some of the biggest brands in the world, and he does indeed enjoy doing it, seriously, who wouldn’t? When to do your job you’r surrounded by a vastly diverse cast of stunningly beautiful and outrageously sexy young ladies! In truth however, it’s really all but a cover for his secret missions as a professional ASSASSIN.

THE SARDINIAN introduces the World’s First Film Studio Megayacht like super vessel X-PERIENCE as the star of the storyline itself, offering a lavish 5 star like decor, outfitted with every imaginable toy in an uncompromising profusely luxurious leaving-working state of the art film set. Pampering its guests in what it will be an unforgettable working vacation and most unique onboard eXperience, while they play an incredibly important role in a story that presents touching arguments of great importance and immediate relevance.

THE SARDINIAN is carefully conceived to give life to an unprecedented global event trough a massive interactive social media campaign, activating a quantum of Influencers with the participation of an array of uniquely chosen promotional partners for seamlessly placed in-story brand integrations. Launching a direct fan & followers participations the likes never witnessed before, unleashing a series of positive ramifications of unseen scale & purpose across diverse Industries.

Most importantly THE SARDINIAN’s filmmakers, influencers, VIP guests and the vast cast of international celebrities hosted onboard the X-PERIENCE, are also part of a profoundly paramount cause, setting out to Entertain and Inspire the World to take actions to save our Ocean, hence our Planet … And our only home!

Ketch Rossi

Founder of AFRODITE FILMS is a filmmaker and Oceanist whose life is dictated by the love for Filmmaking as the purest form of Art pursued with the greatest Passion.


Represents a new direction in Filmmaking lifestyle, one that by design operates without limits nor restraints placed as with traditional Film Studios thanks to our X-Perience Vessel concept, a first of is kind Mobile Motion Picture & Television Production Company that strives to entertain and inspire the world.

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