36m Zulu

Exterior Refit: Pastrovich Studio
Interior Refit: Pastrovich Studio
Shipyard: Monaco Marine / Composite Work
Photographer: Edmiston

When I first met the owner I said ‘I can work for you if you let me destroy something, otherwise I am not interested’.

Stefano Pastrovich

The refit of Zulu includes a substantial upgrade of the interiors and 6 meters hull extension.

Mike and Candice, the ship owners, are an exquisite couple from South Africa which enjoy staying at sea, sailing out of Monaco to the French Riviera, Sardinia, Portofino, Spain every time they can.

Since they are sailors they convinced themselves easily to remove a couple of walls on the upper salon, destroy completely the aft door and substitute with large folding glass doors able to be opened to the aft terrace. All changes were made to allow the interiors become part of the exterior terrace with a solution of continuity.

Interiors. During the first refit, the interiors have been completely redesigned. The aft door of Main and Upper deck has been replaced by a full foldable glass door in order to empathize the connection between interior and exterior and allow more sunlight to illuminate inside. Some walls in the Upper salon have been removed and replaced by a complete open space which ends with a mirror library wall.

The interior/exterior materials have been studied to give a feeling of new freshness to Zulu, but also to underline and increase the theme of continuity between exterior and interior.
The teak floor flows from the exterior terrace to the interior salon and the white ceiling panels have been designed in order to be one “single piece” between salon, terrace and Bimini itself.

Simple combinations of white fabrics, carpets and ceilings with the warmness of the woods have been the key point of the master cabin refit. Everything seems fresh and more spacious than before.

The Staircase has been emphasized by the combination of glossy wood, a new floor in marble Calacatta and wall paint out of brushed leather, the handrail has been covered in ostrich leather.

Hull extension. The main Idea on Zulu was to create a large comfortable terrace on the sea in order to give the Owner and His guests the space for lounging and dining.
The stern has been cut to add 6 meters hull, to place a wider and central staircase with a transformer on the bathing platform.
The 6 meter extension has generate a large interior garage accessible from an exterior door.

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