41m Lady Jade

Exterior Refit: Pastrovich Studio
Interior Refit: Pastrovich Studio
Naval Architecture: Francesco Rogantin
Shipyard: Alia Yacht
Photographer: Valerio Pardi, Owner

Making humans meeting the nature is here my ultimate goal.

Stefano Pastrovich

Lady Jade is an extension & refreshing exercise. It was realized a 6 meters hull extension for a new terrace on the sea, together with a new built-in bimini on the upper deck as an extension of the interior salon into the exterior terrace.

The inspiration for this refitting comes from the long woman night dresses, which begin their shape from the chest and flow all the way down over the shoes and sometimes longer over the floor.

The profile skyline from the bow rise up and flow gently down to the stern entering fluently into the sea. It is an architectonic feature which help people walking out from the interior spaces to the sea.

I like classic elegance which, if revised by an educated architect, can become contemporary while keeping that sense of stability and certitude, so much researched in life.

Extending the stern of Lady Jade has been the opportunity to give this Lady my interpretation of timeless elegance.

Stefano Pastrovich

The 6 meter extension creates a large main deck terrace able to accommodate various loose furniture for lounging and dining.
Thanks to the 6 meters hull extension a large volume has been achieved in the deck below. Such space has been used to accommodate a sauna, a new laundry a wine cellar, toys, and extra technical space.
The two original aft side exterior staircases have been replaced with a central wider staircase designed with deeper steps which, thanks to the new transformer built on the bathing platform, makes an easy and comfortable connection between the sea and the main deck terrace.

The Upper deck. The idea behind the upper salon and the exterior terrace has been to physically connect the two areas.
We have replaced the aft door and windows with a full beam pantograph glass door which can be completely folded. The interior floor has been replaced with natural teak to feel the continuity between the interior lounge and the exterior terrace. The ceiling panels of the interior have been replaced with the same materials of the ceiling from the exterior to also increase the perception of inside-out. Finally the exterior terrace has been covered by a fixed bimini to not only give shadows but also protect the upper terrace from the rain.

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