55′ Wallypower

Exterior Design: Wally / Luca Bassani Design / Stefano Pastrovich
Interior Design: Wally / Luca Bassani Design / Stefano Pastrovich
Naval Architecture: Wally / Allseas
Shipyard: Wally
Photographer: Gilles Martin-Raget / Toni Meneguzzo

Nine years of experience in thinking, drawing and building taut lines and faceted surfaces made this design really representative of architecture, design and technology.

Stefano Pastrovich

The 55 Wallypower is Stefano Pastrovich most recent design with Wally: it is an open, for holidays in hot climates, where the “wind in your hair” describes the spirit of the design. …Read More

Expand the interior

The initial idea for the interiors was to make an open space with only one cabin in it, but the sales office, to sell it easly, needed beds and bathrooms to show clients.

I drew the open space and when I was asked to change everything, to design a cabin, for a moment, I was pretty mad; then I realised that the decision obviously had some reasonable motives. The re-boot did not last long; I remember drawing the layout in no time, gripped with the fervour of demonstrating that once again, I could transform the impossible into the legendary. I forced the interiors to cohabit with the exteriors to break the interior-exterior barrier; perspectives, acute angles, glimpses of panorama through 180 degrees.

Stefano Pastrovich

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