60m 36pax

Exterior / Interior Concept Design: Pastrovich Studio
Energy efficiency: Wärtsilä


A new generation of X-Travellers, the “Millionairs next door”, an educated chartering approach toward the energy efficiency, and the business opportunity


Arch. Stefano PASTROVICH leads a new generation of X-travelers, the ‘Millionaires Next Door,’ towards their revolutionary impact on the world of Boutique Cruises, a phenomenon redefining maritime luxury.

A generation of X-travelers has initiated a transformation in the luxury charter market. This trend is driven by adventurers seeking comfort, supported by the growth of Boutique hotels deluxe chalets, luxurious bungalows worldwide and tour operators offering top-tier experiences with the goal to make X-travelers feel far from the traditional standards of hotels, immersed in unique experiences, from aesthetics to food, body care, and outdoor activities.

According to PASTROVICH, the trend of Boutique cruise ships is gaining momentum in the cruise market, and he predicts this phenomenon will transform the superyacht luxury charter sector in the coming decades, revolutionizing architecture, construction, and operations.

Business opportunity “Millionaires Next Door”
World-Wealth-Report 2023

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