60m 36pax

Exterior / Interior Concept Design: Pastrovich Studio
Energy efficiency: Wärtsilä

Wärtsilä and Pastrovich Studio together again for a smart,  amazing project.  

How Wärtsilä’s efficient technologies and the genius of the Genoese architect, Stefano Pastrovich, can merge into a charming Luxury Boutique Yacht

This is not the first time. Studio Pastrovich and Wärtsilä have already found themselves on the same page and collaborated in creating luxurious, yet sustainable, new ways of navigating the seas. Starting with the Pastrovich project of the 99-metre X-Vintage luxury vessel, equipped with Wärtsilä LNG technology. Then followed by the X-Expedition, where Wärtsilä’s hybrid propulsion was the heart of a small expedition vessel, born from the conversion of a PSV-Supply Vessel Platform.

Yet, bursting with ideas as he is,  today Stefano Pastrovich is still surprising, raising the bar on the sustainability in every new project designed. An idea that was born in a very special moment, that has shocked the world. We are obviously talking about the Covid-19 and how ruthlessly it has put us in front of the fragility of our planet and of humanity, that pollutes and offends it at an ever-increasing wicked pace.

Pastrovich has thought of a future where even the luxury sector should move more respectfully on the sea, as on tiptoes. He thought about the importance of the “boutique” concept,  so much appreciated today in hotels,  and how to bring that exclusivity, sense of privacy and elegance on board of a superyacht.
Namely,  a 60m long catamaran, suitable to pamper a maximum of 36 people in a sophisticated environment, designed so that everything impacts the environment to a minimum.

This type of super-sustainable superyacht needed suitable propulsion and clean energy. Here comes Wärtsilä and his experience in the field of the hybrid, which in this case works in combination with solar panels, allowing navigation as green as possible.

Wärtsilä strongly believes in hybrids as a solution for cutting emissions and has even created a full scale Hybrid Centre in Trieste, Italy,  where every advantage of hybrid technology can be demonstrated live and adapted to every type of installation. Various types of units, from cargo ships to ro-ros, from PSV to tugboats, navigate efficiently, with the batteries absorbing any load fluctuations and allowing the engines to operate optimally. An Energy Management System guarantees the perfect flow of energy throughout the system in any situation.

In other words, it is the Wärtsilä hybrid system that, thanks to the combination of batteries and solar panels, will make it possible for this large luxury catamaran to enter even those ports that would normally be precluded by emission limits.

In short, the X-Boutique Cruise by Pastrovich has all the credentials to offer something more than a private cruise. It can become a real travel experience, exclusive and safe, a unique and unrepeatable way to be in contact with the sea.

It’s an exciting project for Wärtsilä too and it’s all to be discovered. Pastrovich will reveal every secret in the coming weeks…

Written by Paola Armocida

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