Exterior, interior design: Pastrovich Studio

Photographic storytelling : Nicolò Cerana

Video storytelling : Antoine Contenseau

WORK IN PROGRESS – S1-E1 – the terrace by the sea

The photographic storytelling of the creation, research and development process of the concept design 60meter Motor Yacht developed by the architect and naval designer Stefano Pastrovich. A collection of photographs of sketches and unpublished drawings that showcase the evolutionary process of the project




The terrace by the sea

One of the cornerstone spaces where most of Stefano Pastrovich’s projects unfold. A research mission aimed at integrating indoor and outdoor spaces, carefully balancing the amount of light and ventilation to make the spaces seamlessly interconnected. An equilibrium of pergolas and curtains to manage temperature and light, and of course, wooden and stone flooring for a barefoot seaside lifestyle.”


Photographic storytelling Nicolò Cerana

“I can’t stop thinking about photography, it gives me more than everything else in life, my eagerness to find always the best light, angle, composition leads me, to became a Photographer. My deep love for art, especially Impressionism, push me to learn how to look life from a viewfinder”



Video storytelling Antoine Contenseau

“In my creative journey, I seamlessly intertwine videography with photography, crafting a visual symphony that transcends boundaries. Each frame captures a unique essence, weaving a narrative that resonates with emotion. Join me as I navigate the intersection of stills and motion, unlocking artistic possibilities”



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