Interior Design: Stefano Pastrovich
Naval Architecture: Seaway
Shipyard: Seaway
Photographer: Varianti Srl

Stefano Pastrovich designed the interiors of the Shipman 63’ for an Andorran owner and his wife. They requested something captivating and fresh, with masses of light.

I worked from the outset using my private techniques for arranging the filled/empty volumes and perspectives to manage the optical cones and the visual angles. I am an architect and think first of all about the proportions between the volume of the person and the space around him.

Stefano Pastrovich

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The power of the dark

The colour of the hull and the deck house was an easy choice for the designer, even though it sprang from aesthetic considerations and visual tricks. According to Stefano boats are beautiful when the deck house looks low compared to the hull: dark colors are an excellent way of slimming down the aesthetic of the profile. … Read More

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