73′ Wallypower

Exterior Design: Wally / Luca Bassani Design / Stefano Pastrovich
Interior Design: Wally / Luca Bassani Design / Wetzels Brown Partners
Naval Architecture: Wally / Allseas
Shipyard: Wally
Photographer: Gilles Martin-Raget / Toni Meneguzzo

It has been a job of improvement over time, knowing how to listen to the requirements of everyone involved, the designers, the shipyard, the buyers and knowing how to interpret them within a process of improvements.
An absolutely thrilling job and, at the same time, a lot of self-criticism which helped us see the weak points, redrawing and rebuilding them.

Stefano Pastrovich

The present design was born like the 65, then became 70 and finally, 73 which has proved to be the exact size that satisfies all requirements of volume, weight to power ratio, aesthetic and comfort. A design developed three times and built in four examples, all similar but different, during five years of continual upgrading, aimed at optimising aesthetics and function.

Road to efficiency

During the past years Stefano Pastovich spent a lot of time studying the perfect system for building the deck house structure of the Wally’s. The various problems arise from the particular geometry which is not easy to de-mould. The project was also very demanding with regard to the shipyard turning out the carbon look to perfection. The entire construction process had to be rationalised in order to minimise costs.

He designed many options, discussed them with the builders, engineers and technical people. He modified the design of the structure three different times over the years: trying to resolve past problems each time he changed something. Finally, it was reached a very efficient construction system which was used for the most recent version of the 73.


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