90m X-Kid Stuff

Exterior / Interior Concept Design: Pastrovich Studio

Embark on a Stylish Sea Adventure

90m X-Kid Stuff is an exploration motor yacht concept design that puts together cutting-edge functionality and breathtaking aesthetics.
This project is a new idea of explorer vessel, that merges form and function: when sailing she benefits from the streamlined silhouette, while at anchor expands her boundaries ensuring space for every exploration equipment, from state-of-the-art tender launching systems to meticulously curated furniture layouts. This concept design is dreamed up for the new adventurers, sophisticated explorers that deserve unmatched functionality paired with timeless elegance. 

Where Innovation Meets Beauty

Closed in navigation and open at anchor with the X-Kid Stuff’s sleek design, you can embrace boundless exploration seamlessly integrating every tool for adventure: from jet skis to 15m explorer ribs.

Investing in Sustainability

The most efficient approach is to reduce weight, thereby decreasing draft, resistance, and engine size. This is why Kidstuff is a naval platform designed to remove the unnecessary volume not part of the contemporary lifestyle, built as a combination of aluminum and carbon fiber, akin to modern airplanes.



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