104 m Le Grand Bleu

Exterior Design: Stefano Pastrovich
Shipyard: Kusch Yacht Bremen Vulkan
Photographer: Superyacht Creations

The story of Le Grand Blue (LGB) is something that belongs to another time, when people were capable to think and create things never done with a very limited amount of technology and experience. People who were at the same time brave and crazy.

Le Grand Bleu was designed by Stefano Pastrovich in five days in 2000 and she was built in a little over 14 months: one of the fastest custom project in history. The control of the entire construction and management was done not by a shipyard but by one man, Claus Kusch. Read More

The original profile of LGB was drawn by pencil in five days

The Mercedes look

Whenever I look back at this project the first thing that comes to mind is when, during the few days he gave me to draw the profile and the General Arrangement, Claus would appear now and then in the little room where I was shut up drawing, to see how the work was going, reminding me: “It has to look like a Mercedes!” Read More