P54′ Fiart

Exterior design: Pastrovich Studio
Interior design: Pastrovich Studio

Naval Architecture: FIART
Shipyard: FIART


P for Passion, which has moved the Fiart shipyard for over the last sixty years and as Pastrovich, the eclectic Genoese naval architect who designed the new revolutionary 54-footer that promises luxury, space, aesthetics, liveability.

The ingredients and secrets of this new recipe are to be found in a formula that combines beauty, volumes and the courage to dare.

Aesthetically, the P54 has an innovative, muscular, at the same time light and slender line, but in reality it has a lot of volume and space inside that give breath and comfort. The P54 puts the owner and his needs at the center of the stage , creating a boat that has all the arrangements and comforts of a seaside villa, capable of gliding over the waves.

Stefano Pastrovich

Fluidity and dynamism of space

The P54 is a project characterized by extreme attention to details and a wide choice of materials that allow you to create sophisticated environments with precious woods as oak, ash, ebony and extensive use of elegant fabrics also on the walls, which make it an absolutely exclusive yacht.

This concept of fluidity and dynamism of space can already be perceived by observing the lines of the hull, characterized by an imposing bow, which has an aesthetic and also practical function, increasing the internal volumes. The side window is important, it crosses the entire hull to give brightness to the interiors, almost a very long eye, which creates contact between inside and outside. The deck is designed to create living space starting from the bow, where the characterizing element is the central “pond”, a recessed area, protected with side edges that guarantee privacy and protection. The central area creates a natural passage between the aft and forward areas, eliminating the corridors and external walkways, to increase internal space and safety.

Hull mould

One of the most significant architectural motifs of the project is the continuity between interior and exterior: a feature that is already a hallmark of Pastrovich, but which is even more pronounced aboard P54′.

This sense of continuity is not only highlighted by the uninterrupted teak decking from bow to stern that seems to ignore the presence of the deckhouse, but also the wide steps o the deck to provide free and easy circulation from bow to stern.

In the P54 the Hard Top is an optional that can also be installed at a later time, in this way the owner can decide to have an Open boat and take advantage of the awnings for shade, or with the Hard Top create a central space covered and sheltered, which becomes a living room with a comfortable sofa and dining table. Two comfortable steps lead to the stern area, under which a 2.80 m tender can be stored. The stern side is closed by a folding hatch, in this way the transom becomes a large space available at different heights, to enjoy the sea more comfortably.

Superyacht interiors

Pastrovich developed the interior design by extending the architectural continuity between exterior and interior below deck . The P54 will be offered in two versions: with two large owner’s cabins, or with owner’s cabin aft and two fore cabins, the latter divided by a system of sliding lockers that can be transformed into a mini suite. In both solutions, the three bathrooms are open space with dedicated shower  and separate toilet. The dinette area is located below the central area and is characterized by furnishings and a choice of materials similar to those we might find in a luxury loft.

“We wanted to recreate the luxury offered by a superyacht interior, where the quality of space is one of the most important detail.”

Stefano Pastrovich

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