PASTROVICH STUDIO – Architect and Yacht designer

video by Antoine Contenseau

Stefano Pastrovich biography

My mission is to anticipate the future, design it and build it

Stefano Pastrovich, an architect and naval designer, has devoted his entire life to the design of super yachts recognized for their highly sophisticated character, both in terms of the originality of their design, as well as their cutting-edge technology and refined details. Stefano’s design approach is based on his incredible ability to mould aesthetic forms and layouts in relation to the lifestyle of his owners, amplifying their sensory experience while sailing. He is the author of few designs that has made history in yachting; the 104m Le Grand Bleu and the 118’ Wally power, very different in style and use but with a common unique visual style. Stefano claims that the world of luxury super yachts is ready to make way for the world of luxury charters, consisting of fleets of small, 20 to 36 passenger boutique yachts operated by charter companies specializing in offering unique experiences emulating an otherwise inaccessible world. Besides being a great sailor on sail and motor boats, Stefano has been a sports pilot of gliders and aerobatic planes since his youth. His experiences at sea and in the sky have contributed to the development of his superyacht designs, giving them an additional character of emotional dynamism.

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